makes you successful


Individual success faster and more sustainable. Make it possible: With the Reiss Motivation Profile®:

  • get to know others and yourself better.
  • achieve a fit with other people.
  • make yours as well as the intrinsic performance motives of others usable.
  • make self-determined decisions.
  • live individuality and use it.
  • appreciate otherness.
  • get to hidden potentials.
  • get to know and understand inner drivers.

This is how it works

One questionnaire – 16 insights – one way to success

Take a look below the surface of human behavior patterns

Step 1
Fill in the questionnaire

Fill in the online questionnaire. This will take about 30 minutes.

Step 2
View profile

You can directly view your personality profile, which your RMP Master explains to you in an evaluation interview.

Step 3
Understand motives

Let us explain your personality profile and show how you can achieve your goals.

Here is where it works

How to ...

achieve my goals better?

get clarity about my next career move?

strike a good balance between my professional and private life?

bind employees to myself?

create a healthy working atmosphere?

advise or coach more professionally?

manage projects more efficiently?

lead my employees better?

use different cultures profitably?

finish faster?

find the right employee?

get more new customers?

solve conflicts in a sustainable way?

get the best out of my employees?

satisfy my customers?

get harmony in my relationship?

become even more efficient in sports?

motivate my employees?

approach change?

This is where it comes from

RMP works scientifically based

Reflect | Match | Perform

The 16 life motives of the Reiss Motivation Profile® were determined empirically: They are based on the factor-analytical evaluations of seven studies with a total of 2548 subjects and were confirmed in two subsequent studies with 512 and 522 Japanese subjects across cultures. Overall, all factor analyses show a reliable and valid factor structure.