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The experts for intrinsic motivation

We want to help Reiss Motivation Profile® users to use the Reiss Motivation Profile® even more efficiently and effectively. For example, in the recruiting process to make the search for suitable candidates more successful. Or to support managers in learning to better understand their employees (as well as vice versa). Or to better understand the dynamics in teams and to support a change management process. When people come into contact with each other, their individuality sometimes stands in their way and causes conflicts in the worst case. For this reason, the Reiss Motivation Profile® not only relieves interpersonal relationships in a professional context - families, couples and friendships also benefit from it in the long term.

Many coaches, trainers and consultants know the personality profile "Reiss Motivation Profile®" and some of them use it in their daily work with people.

Since 1 January 2018, RMP India has been the official exclusive license partner for India and wants to go one step further with the Reiss Motivation Profile®: We want to make you even more successful by empowering you to use it in such a way that it has the greatest possible benefit for you and your customers. As contact partners in the German-speaking countries, we are the professionals for intrinsic motivation - for three reasons:

  • We maintain close contact with the family of the Reiss Motivation Profile® inventor Steven Reiss.
  • We accompany the continuation of Steven Reiss' research results due to our proximity to Dr. Susan Havercamp (Reiss' PhD student and co-author of his studies).
  • We bundle all our competencies, which have been developed through many years of experience with the Reiss Motivation Profile®, in order to be able to guarantee the best possible consulting and further education service for you.

Steven Reiss' vision was to make the Reiss Motivation Profile® accessible to all people around the world. We, as representatives of the researcher, also pursue this vision. We believe that the instrument makes DNA building blocks of identity visible and that it helps us to better accept and understand ourselves and others.

To this end, we are constantly developing the areas of application for the Reiss Motivation Profile® as well as the evaluation options so that the instrument becomes more practical, quicker and easier to use, is fun and arouses curiosity as soon as it is filled in.

RMP india: That's us

Bea Renninger

  • is owner and CEO of Reiss Motivation Profile® India (RMP India GmbH). She is based in Germany and India. She has 20 years of experience as a social worker for the German Government (Youth Welfare Department). Here she was responsible for all needs and crises in the lives of children and their parents. Such as critical divorces, child abuse, all kinds of mental disorders, any kinds of crimes executed on children, counselling of teachers and other authorities that have questions according difficulties of children and families or the coordination of any kinds of social projects.
  • She has her master in Social Work, and added degrees in Economies, is a certified Reiss Profile® Master, 9 Levels trainer, international certified systemic business coach (ICA), PEKiP baby trainer and nutritionist.
  • As certified business coach, she does life balance and career counselling.

Jürgen Ruff

  • is owner of Reiss Motivation Profile® India. He has more than 15 years of experience in project management as a trainer, consultant & coach. For the past 25 years he has worked for two multinational corporations in the chemical industry (BASF SE) and in software (SAP SE).
  • Juergen is an expert for digital transformation and change management, specialized in topics for organizational development, people development, process optimization and in the implementation of lean management. He has a degree in business administration with a focus on IT, along with further certifications as a systemic coach (DVNLP-Coach), Reiss Profile® Master and 9 Levels trainer (value systems).
  • Juergen is co-author of the book: “Complexity – Challenges for people development and leadership”, which had been published in spring 2017 by Springer Gabler.